Nicotine E-Liquid in New Zealand

Nicotine E-Liquid in New Zealand

VapeMart on 23rd Feb 2022

By eliminating carcinogens and other harmful impacts of smoking from your life, vaping is a fantastic alternative to traditional smoking. However, because of the convenience and pleasant flavour of vaping, its users may lose sight of the reason they chose to use an e-cigarette in the first place: to overcome their nicotine addiction. Understanding the advantages of nicotine-free vapes can help you remember your objective and, in some cases, even help you reach it.


People enjoy nicotine for the same reasons they enjoy coffee: it provides focus, a buzz, and a sense of familiarity. Nicotine, on the other hand, can have negative side effects for certain vapers, including gastrointestinal issues, heartburn, and throat discomfort. Smokers' problems can be resolved quickly by lowering their nicotine intake or switching to nicotine-free vapes.

2. Practice skills without overdoing the Nicotine is number two on the list.

Tricks, abilities, and massive clouds are all essential elements of the vaping culture. Your e-cigarette adventure may have begun as a result of the creativity and ingenuity of the vaping industry. Most professional or famous cloud competitors, on the other hand, rely largely on nicotine-free e-cigarettes. High-level vaping demands hours of practise, just like any other talent, and nicotine-free vape allows you to learn without overburdening your body with nicotine.


It is critical not to speed through the treacherous process of quitting smoking. Many people attempt to quit cold turkey and experience uncontrolled urges as well as unpleasant setbacks. Some people buy nicotine-free vapes at the same time as they gradually reduce the nicotine concentration of their vape juice. Others do both. Cigarette-free puffs open the way to a zero-addiction lifestyle and give a pleasant respite for chronic consumers of nicotine products.

4. The use of nicotine-free vape liquids in a CLOUD COCKTAIL (optional).

E-liquids with zero nicotine blend nicely with their nicotine-containing equivalents. Everyone uses vapes in a unique way, and varied tactics aid users in reducing their nicotine intake in a variety of ways. Some people prefer a break from their regular vaping to indulge in nicotine-free vape liquids, while others combine the two to create their own unique flavour profile. The ability to customise your e-liquid to your preferences, modifying the intensity as your cravings vary from one hit to the next, is provided by this feature.

5. The use of nicotine-free vape juice might enhance the flavour of the product.

Those who experiment with zero nicotine vaping may be startled by an unexpected improvement in flavour. This is due to the fact that nicotine has a flavourless characteristic, which dilutes the e-liquid. By removing nicotine from the mixture and substituting it with natural sugars and flavours, a more complex flavour profile is created, resulting in a more enjoyable draw.

6. Taking advantage of fantastic deals and discounts

Because of the widespread use of nicotine and the negative connotations associated with zero nicotine vapes, zero nicotine e-liquids are in significantly lesser demand in vaping stores and on websites. You can often get nicotine-free vapes at incredible discounts, as well as attractive bargain packages, because of this.


Getting rid of addictions has a negative impact on one's appetite. If you're dieting and attempting to cut off nicotine at the same time, nicotine-free vapes are a guilt-free method to satisfy your nicotine need. When you eat a healthier diet, you may safeguard your teeth by reducing your intake of sugar. Many people choose to vape flavoured e-liquids instead of consuming sweets such as chocolate, cotton candy, or strawberries and cream, especially when their nicotine cravings are heightened.

8. Why not try NICOTINE FREE VAPING for a new and different kind of experience?

Finally, as a novel experience, nicotine vaping is always worthwhile to experiment with. Having a following as an innovative and expanding pastime is essential for vaping. By ignoring zero nicotine e-liquids, you are missing out on a significant and rapidly expanding segment of the culture. Why don't you give them a shot?