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4 Tips to Help You Choose Your E Liquid

You have chosen your electronic cigarette and are now ready to fill it up with some of that awesome e liquid but how do you choose from the hundreds of flavors and brands? E liquids have different flavor, PG and VG ratios, ingredients and nicotine strengths, all of which give different vaping experience. Therefore, once you have bought your first e-cigarette or vape pen, then it is only normal to become confused as to the type of vape juice you should buy. However, worry no more because we have the best tips to guide you into buying the best e liquid and choosing the best flavor to make for an amazing and enjoyable vaping experience.

E Liquid

So what do you consider when you want to buy e-liquid NZ?

  • Flavor

Yes. Flavor is one of the biggest determinants as to whether you will enjoy your vaping experience or you will merely tolerate it or lose interest. It matters that much as it should because compared to traditional smoking which gives off a bad taste, the flavor of your e-liquid will help you enjoy and improve your breath immensely. Finally, you don’t have to munch on a huge amount of mints to mask the smell and taste of cigarette smoke. In fact, it is quite the opposite, a great flavor will smell great and won’t have your seat mates scrambling for the exit!

There are a huge variety of e liquid flavors NZ available from which you can choose one that best fits your personal flavor preferences as well as a blend you might be interested in. The awesome thing is that you can experiment a bit until you find something that trumps all others. Also, you can ask for recommendations from your vaping friends or the larger vaping community.

  • Nicotine Strength

Another factor just as important to consider when buying e liquid online NZ is the nicotine strength. This especially applies to those vapers who have transitioned from traditional smoking to vaping. The heavy smokers will likely prefer a higher nicotine concentration. Therefore, choosing a concentration of between 18 and 24mg/ml will be better. For light smokers, a 12-18mg/ml nicotine concentration is ideal while for the ultra-light ones, going for one below 6mg/ml will be best.

  • Price

While vaping in the long run is cheaper than traditional smoking, it is important to choose the e liquid that gives you the best value for money. Buying e liquid online NZ will give you the chance to explore prices and buy great quality and for a competitive price. Choose authentic vape shops only.

  • PG vs VG

These are some of the main ingredients in the vape juice. Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG) come in different ratios. If you want more flavor, and throat hit, choose a PG base. Throat hit is the feeling of smoke as it hits the back of the throat and is provided by nicotine e liquid. On the other hand, if you want the sweet taste and thick clouds of vapor, go for VG base.

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