5 Foolproof Online Vape Shops NZ Marketing Techniques

5 Foolproof Online Vape Shops NZ Marketing Techniques

There is a consensus that vaping products have lesser harmful effects compared to smoking. But still, authorities do allow NZ vape shops owners to promote or advertise their products independently. Some councils like the Matamata-Piako district’s moved ahead to ban vaping. Nz vape shop owners face the wrath of the law if they use ads highlighting the therapeutic benefits of vaping.

If you own an online Vape Shops NZ, you need to think of an active marketing channel that cannot rouse authorities and regulatory bodies. In the next part of the article, we will focus on the right techniques nz vape shop owners can use to market their business.

Use of Social Media

It could be illegal to create enticing Facebook and paid ads, but no one can bar you from posting your products in a vapers group. Facebook includes all wannabe vapers, pros, and beginners. Meaning a single post can reach many vapers and reforming smokers. For more effectiveness, ensure you include the words NZ vape shops or Online Vape Shops NZ in all your posts.


You can also create outstanding social media business pages, connect them with your website, and build an active following of vape users. Besides, you can use Instagram influencers to share your products around.

Optimize Your Website for Organic Search.

In e-commerce, SEO ranks as one of the best marketing channels. And google accounts for over 3.5 billion unique searches per day. If you’re an owner of online vape shops NZ, prioritize creating educative, informative, and engaging content for users. You can share the blog posts to Facebook groups, and users can share them with other social media sites.

When creating blog posts, consider incorporating keywords which vapers enjoy using when searching for vaping products online. The following are some keywords you can include in your content.

  • Nz vape shops
  • Online vape shops NZ
  • E-cigarettes
  • E-liquids
  • Nasty vape juice
  • Nicotine vape juice NZ
  • Vaping
  • Vaporizers

Join Vaping Forums

A simple search online of “vaping forums Nz” can give you an array of internet forums you can join. People share thoughts, ask questions, and enquire about vape sellers in the groups. The trendy nature of vaping means more people are looking for vaping answers and forums are the best platform for anything vaping. Nz vape shops owners can join the groups below and optimize users’ inquiries for sales.

Image result for join the groups


You can also join vape review sites such as;







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