5 Sure Tips to Buying the Best E-Liquid NZ


It only takes one year to be smoke-free if you use e-liquids. A recent study showed 18% of e-cigarettes and e-liquid NZ users were more successful abating smoking compared to only 9% of gum and patches users.

E-liquid, NZ is highly effective for people trying to quit smoking. But there are varying qualities in the market. You shouldn’t wonder why you’re still struggling to overcome smoking after years of vaping. To choose the best liqua E-liquid NZ, or E-liquid NZ, follow the tips unveiled next.

  1. Check E-Liquid NZ nicotine levels

Nicotine levels determine the effect you’ll get from e-liquid NZ and liqua E-liquid NZ. E-liquids with higher concentrations of nicotine provide a stronger throat hit and have a harsher taste. People trying to quit smoking should use e-liquids with nicotine levels equivalent to the nicotine in the cigarettes they used to take.


  1. Select Your Favourite Flavour

For a better vaping experience, try experimenting with the various e-liquid NZ or liqua E-liquid NZ flavors. Each electronic cigarette flavor provides a distinct experience. Vaping beginners can try several flavours before settling on a specific flavour. 

Here are some E-liquid NZ flavors

  • Peppermint E-liquid
  • Coffee E-liquid NZ
  • Menthol liqua E-liquid NZ
  • Candy
  • Lemon Tart E-Liquid, etc
  • Fruity E-Liquids
  • Desert E-Liquids
  1. Balance of VG/PG in E-Liquid

The ratio of VP (vegetable glycerin) to PG (Propylene Glycol) determines the throat hit, taste, and sensation you’ll get from E-liquid NZ. PG is colorless, odorless and less viscous than VG. It provides the throat hit in both liqua E-Liquid NZ and E-liquid NZ, thus, more preferred by veteran smokers.

VG, which is more viscous than PG, provides users with a sweeter taste and a friendlier hit than PG. Vaping beginners can use more VG concentrated E-liquids before going for stronger PG concentrated E-liquids NZ.



  1. Collect Ample Manufacturer and Seller Info

There are many E-liquid NZ and Liqua E-Liquid NZ sellers online and offline, but not all are credible. The craze for a quick buck makes manufacturers sell poor quality E-liquid. Make proper research on online vape shops before picking your favorite.

  • Ask from online vaping forums
  • Inquire from vaping friends
  • Read online reviews before clicking the order button
  • Assess users responses to Facebook posts and the authenticity of social media profiles


  1. Opt for New Zealand made E-liquid

Some E-liquid made overseas can be of low quality, opt for vape juice made in NZ and ensure the product you are buying is made to the highest international standards. Avoid the cheap end products as most of the times they cheap for a reason i.e. low quality.


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