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Are Electronic Cigarettes NZ as Good as They Sound?

It’s no secret that vaping is a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, all the more so when you’re trying to kick the habit. So, are there any benefits of using nicotine vape juice NZ?

Read on to find out the good stuff about vaping electronic cigarettes in NZ.

The Pros of Vaping

1. Say goodbye to awful odours:

Unlike traditional smoking, using e-cigs doesn’t leave that noxious, unpleasant, and lingering odour or smell on you. When you exhale, the vapour from the vape will evaporate into the air, leaving your mouth fresh. In fact, some nicotine vape juice NZ products are flavoured with sweet-smelling aromas, ranging from mint to vanilla and even cookie dough.


2. It’s a safer alternative to traditional smoking:

Following an extensive study conducted by folks at the Royal College of Physicians, it’s been concluded that vaping is more than 95 percent safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. That’s partly thanks to no ash, bitumen, tar, or any other combustible by-product associated with cigarette smoking. All up, vaping is much better for your lung health, circulation, skin care, oral hygiene, and sense of taste. What more could you ask for?

3.Faster, enhanced effects:

Electronic cigarettes you get from a trustworthy online vape store NZ truly packs a punch in terms of intensity of the effects. The moment you hit the vape, nicotine-rich vapour goes to your lungs where it’ll be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. As such, you can expect the effects to kick in almost immediately for fast relief and a better experience. This will come in handy when you are wrestling with withdrawal syndromes of traditional smoking, making your quitting journey easier and more hassle-free.

4.It’s straightforward and convenient:

Even if you’re a newbie, vaping should be pretty simple and uncomplicated. There’s no rolling joints, lighting, and whatnot. Simply activate your vape, make sure you’ve got enough juice, and start vaping. It requires little or no technique at all.

5.Better control over nicotine consumption:

With the traditional cigarette, you have no idea how much nicotine you’re putting into your body. Electronic cigarettes make it easy to regulate nicotine intake. All that you have to do is check the strength of your nicotine vape juice NZ.


What You Need to Start Vaping

● E-liquid:

Also referred to as e-juice, this is a nicotine-laced liquid that you feed into the cartridge to generate vapours. They are usually available from an online vape store NZ in small bottles that range in size from 5ml-60ml.

● Batteries:

Nearly all electronic cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries. Make sure they’re of the highest quality.

● Portable vapes:

These are also called vape pens. They are small e-cigs that allow for discreet vaping on the go.

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