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Can You Use Nicotine Vape Juice NZ to Stop Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes NZ have come such a long way since their advent. That’s why more and more individuals are opting to buy e-Liquid NZ in place of traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have long been touted as a much healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes. As such, smokers interested in kicking the habit turn to nicotine vape juice as they gradually phase out nicotine use.

Why is nicotine Vape juice a better substitute for cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are verified and known to contain fewer cancer-causing components and chemicals compare to conventional cigarettes. Regular cigarettes contain more than 7,000 toxic chemicals as well as lung choking tar that damage organs and systems in the body. In general, the components in conventional cigarettes are known to cause at least 14 different types of cancer. Some studies even show that regular cigarettes cause more than 15 types of cancer.

E-cigarettes, alternatively, work by delivering nicotine that has been extracted from the leaves of a tobacco plant. But unlike cigarettes, the leaves are not burned. Instead, users inhale nicotine from an aerosol thus avoiding all the other harmful constituents.

Studies also show that e-cigarettes are more successful compared to other forms of old-style nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches or gums. This is because e-cigarettes mimic similar behavioral, social, and pharmacological aspects of traditional cigarettes. This is why E-cigarettes are a great option for people that have tried quitting cold turkey unsuccessfully.

How does one stop smoking nicotine with e-cigarettes?

Like traditional cigarettes, the quitting process is likely to be successful when it is done in stages as advised. A lot of smokers looking to make the switch do so slowly moving down nicotine strengths until they are finally capable of vaping zero nicotine. The great thing about e-cigarettes is that they allow a user to select their preferred strengths, at their own pace without the pressure of quickly giving up the smoking habit.

Which e-cigarette is best for someone that wants to quit smoking?

While e-cigarettes can indeed help an individual stop smoking, it is important to know that the experiences are completely different. Smoking a traditional cigarette is straightforward; the only thing needed is a lighter. Vaping, on the other hand, is a much more involved process that requires some light upkeep.

For instance, you need to ensure that your e-cigarette device battery is charged at all times. You will also need to buy e-Liquid NZ that you will use to refill your vape tank. Although most e-cigarettes are well-designed these days, some parts of the device will need to be replaced after some wear and tear. That’s why choosing the right e-cigarette is so important.

The great thing about e-cigarettes is that there is a design for everyone. There is usually some trial and error involved in the selection process but once you find one that’s perfectly suited, you will find it hard or almost impossible to go back to traditional cigarettes. That way, you will live a health life.


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