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How to Care for Your E-Cigarette Device

So you have the best e-cigarette device available in the market, which is great. However, even the best e-cigarette is bound to go through some wear and tear, particularly if you use it regularly or you fail to take all regulation when choosing it.

The good news is that with a little TLC, it is possible to keep your device in tip-top condition so that it can serve you for longer. Not to worry though, to help you out, here are some tips that will help you care for your e-cigarette device:

Keep your refills in a cool place

You want to keep your refills away from direct sunlight or any hot area for that matter. Like all liquids, the e-liquid that keeps your e-cigarette going can evaporate just like any other liquid. As such, always store your device in a cool area so that you can use it for longer.

Exposing your e-liquids to heat for extended periods can also compromise the quality and flavor profile of your liquid. Whenever you want to buy e-liquid NZ or stock up on your favorite flavors, remember to check the expiry or best by date indicated on the box.

Keep your refills in a dry place

Avoid getting your e-cigarette battery wet. The last thing you want for your electronic devices is for them to get in contact with water. Not only will this considerably reduce the lifecycle of the e-cigarette, but it’s not the safest thing to do.

Store your device upright

Whenever your device is not in use, ensure that you store your device upright. Your e-cigarette contains air holes designed to ensure sufficient airflow over the coil, which keeps your device at a stable temperature. However, if you leave your device on its side or upside down, the e-cigarette liquid could flow towards the holes and leak.

Try not to let your e-liquid run too low

Your e-liquid should always be at a level above the air holes. If the liquid goes below the holes, your e-cigarette will not draw sufficient liquid, which will lead to a dry burn. Not only are dry burns the worst, but they can also burn your atomizer out, which will likely render your device useless. While keeping your nicotine vape juice NZ above the air holes is important, avoid overfilling or flooding your device with too much liquid.

Clean your battery terminal regularly

A dirty battery terminal will make it hard for you to have an enjoyable smoking experience. You can clean your battery terminal easily with a cotton bud once a week or so, especially if you use your device often.

e-cigarettes are designed with components that you can easily take apart and assemble when cleaning. Always handle the pieces with care to avoid damage. And while you want to secure all the parts carefully during assembly, try not to overtighten the parts because it could make it harder to disassemble during the next cleaning session.


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