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How Vaping is Better than Smoking

Have you been looking to replace your smoking with a safer alternative? Vaping has gained popularity over the last few years as the safer alternative to smoking which is a relief to anyone looking to reduce their nicotine intake and finally quit cigarettes altogether. When smokers switch to vaping as a nicotine replacement therapy, they can cut down on their intake levels of nicotine and other cancer –causing toxins that are found in traditional cigarettes.

In fact, according to studies, there are more than 7000 chemicals that the body consumes whenever you smoke. A huge number of these chemicals are carcinogenic or toxic which spells doom for your body. Therefore, cutting down on these chemicals is better for your health and the good news is you can still enjoy the process. All of the studies carried out recently show that vaping is in fact, better than smoking. For example, the Public Health England states that they are 95% better than smoking and they help people stop smoking. In 2015, e-cigarettes helped 49 people a day to quit smoking. So, is vaping safer than smoking? Gong by the data, a big yes!

When thinking of replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes NZ, it is possible that you will get doubtful, after all there are numerous people shouting that cold turkey is the best. However, due to nicotine, if you are a heavy smoker or have smoked over a long period of time, it can be very difficult to quit cold turkey. You can hit up the many NZ vape shops or buy E cigarette liquid online NZ to help you replace smoking with vaping. Even better, there are many different E liquid flavors that you can try – the goal is to get a safer alternative that lets you experiment with and have fun without fixating on traditional cigarettes. Here are ways in which vaping is better than smoking:

  • It reduces significantly, the risk of cancer.
  • E liquids have fewer chemicals and hence pose a substantially lower health risk to your body.
  • Vaping is better for your lungs as it involves use of water hence producing cleaner smoke.
  • It is way cheaper than smoking as once you get the vape you only replenish the e liquid.

In a nutshell, yes, vaping is way safer than smoking and experts have shown that vaping does not carry serious health risks. Smoking on the other hand is associated with several health risks such as throat cancer, lung cancer and many more. Therefore, switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes will help you significantly cut down on these major risks.

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