Top 5 E-Liquid Flavours NZ to try in 2019

Every year new trends in the vape industry emerge. More modern e-liquid flavours NZ come up, each with distinct tastes. In 2019, manufacturers went a notch higher and produced some classy e-liquids. Most different from your ordinary e-liquid flavors NZ. If you have tried none of the crafty E liquids NZ, it’s your turn. Check out the reviews up next for the top vape juices of 2019.

  1. IVG Blue Raspberry

IVG, a prominent multinational company has dominated the vaping markets for so long. The company dynamic approach to the vaping market allows it to make an array of vaping products. The company now makes blue raspberry e-liquids with a distinctive blueberry taste. The IVG blueberry suits vapers looking for higher concentrates of VG. It rocked the E-liquid flavours NZ market.

  1. Cuzzy E Juice | High-quality vape made in New Zealand

For crafty e liquids NZ, you need to look no further than Cuzzy vape collections. Acclaimed for their experience in vaping products, they make unique and high-quality e-liquid flavours. Cuzzy Berries Blast is no different; its unique taste sets it apart from other e-liquids. It is a 2019 bestseller, and you can find it in ratios of 70/30 VG/PG.

Cuzzy Berries Blast



  1. Bogan Brews-The Ducks Nuts

Made in New Zealand, the Ducks Nuts is an artistry of the famous Vaping Bogan. Despite launching six flavors in 2019, the Ducks Nuts stands as the best among the flavours. The e-liquid combines cherry jam with doughnuts to give a bustling sweet taste. At 75/25 VG/PG, the e-liquid suits beginners and non-smokers.

  1. Vapemart Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough, a new e-liquid release from Vapemart, will make sweet tooth vapers fall in love with this flavour. This vape flavour is designed by keeping kiwis at heart. They poured their experience to create a well-baked e-liquid dessert to turn around your vaping experience.

If you’re looking for crafty E liquids NZ, the cookie dough is an all-round e-liquid. You can find VM Cookie Dough vape in many vaping shops dealing with E-liquid flavours NZ. Cookie dough contains a 70/30 VG/PG mix ratio; it comesin nicotine-free range and with nicotine as well, thus perfect for all vapers.

 VM Cookie Dough Vape




  1. Cuzzy e juice Smoky Tobacco

You don’t need any introduction to the tobacco flavor. But the first tobacco-flavored release from Cuzzy is one of the trendiest e-liquid in 2019. Among the many E-liquid flavors NZ, you cannot find an e-liquid juicy and tastier as the Cuzzy Tobacco vape. Packed in 60ml multicolored bottles, it has all the attributes of being the best crafty E-liquid NZ.


Cuzzy Smoky Tobacco Vape Juice





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