Why Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Kits?

Why Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Kits?

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes have completely changed the platform of Vaping and build his own market. More and more Kiwis are switching to vaping from traditional tobacco. These could be the reason for ever-growing popularity of the e-cigarettes. 


Electronic cigarettes less harmful than Cigarettes

Normal cigarette generates tar during the process of burning tobacco. Tar is a harmful chemical that can easily damage the lungs. When a smoker inhales the cigarette tar enters into the Lungs causing harm to them and can even cause cancer. 

In case of electronic cigarettes, there is no tar. It does contain nicotine with an addition of different flavors. Battery helps in burning the liquid and smoker inhales only vapors instead of smokes and  tobacco. An expert of UK had published in his report that Electronic cigarettes can be upto 95% safer than the Smokes. 

E juices - Alternative way to quit smokes

You can choose the desired strength of nicotine in the vape juice. This gives you the option of reducing the amount of nicotine intake on a daily basis and gradually stop smoking or use vapes with no nicotine at all. 

On the basis of report published at https://www.gov.uk website number of smokers has been declined and users of electronic cigarettes are increasing due to less harmful effect on health as compare to smokes. 

Easy to operates Vapour Cigarettes

Phenomenon of electronic cigarette is based on burning of vapes that convert liquid in to vapours. Battery helps to heat the element under the liquid and vapors generated due to the burning of vapes.

Plenty of options are available in Vapour cigarettes and they are very easy to use. If someone does not want to spend too much money then there are plenty of low-cost options. or you can buy an advanced machine where voltage and current are easy to adjust as per your needs. 


Electronic Cigarettes Kits


The battery of electronic cigarette are long lasting

Battery of electronic cigarettes can hold a charge for long durations. 650 mah battery can work up to 6.5 hours in frequent use but that depends upon the usage of the EC and type of vape is being consumed. It does not take much time to get charged. It is much recommended that use the original charger to charge the battery for long life of electronic cigarette. But if in any case battery or any other part becomes useless or damaged customer do not need to buy whole kit, parts are easy to source from any supplier.

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