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A battery

A premium quality e-cigarette starter kit should mostly include a minimum of one rechargeable battery. Some come with two or even more, often at an extra cost. But bear in mind that a battery should be of a reliable quality so that you enjoy more, longer puffs before recharging it.

If you purchase from VapeMart NZ, you will get products with batteries along with the e-cigarette starter kit charger. Browse through the list and make your choice by placing an order!

USB Starter Kit Charger

Regardless of the type of electronic cigarette starter kit, you will need to always have its charger with you. The chargers allow you to recharge the battery and enjoy more of those flavourful puffs.

But the best starter kit charger to buy is a USB charger so that you will have the confidence and convenience of charging anywhere and at any time. Also, check out VapeMart NZ and purchase your preferred starter kit charger!


You can’t own an e-cigarette and confidently use it without having a cartomizer that is in excellent condition. As an element that holds, both the e-liquid and the heating coil, you can benefit if the cartomizer is refillable, although newer ones can be cheaper to buy. Basically, buy an e-cig starter kit that has more cartomizers.


It is highly valuable that whatever you are buying comes with a warranty too. If it is of premium quality, it should unquestionably come with one. You’d better pay more and be assured of its quality than buy an inferior item that will be useless after a week or two!

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It is natural for an e-smoker to enter the world of e-cigarettes by first buying an e-cigarette starter kit. But it is only a few sections of them, perhaps the seasoned lot of even the informed ones, which are smart enough to understand what a full kit has.

Typically, a starter kit ought to include a battery, atomisers or cartomizers that heats up the e-juice to vapour, a starter kit’s charger and maybe e-liquid enough to sustain one for a few days.

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