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The vaping community has been tremendously growing over the recent past and rightly so owing to the availability of some incredible entry-level e-cig kits. But that hasn’t really translated to education to both the current and prospective e-smokers getting information about the right vaping devices to buy.

  • Need an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit that works for you?
  • Looking to buy an e-cig that matches your vaping habits and guarantees the convenience you’d like?
  • Need an entry-level kit complete with everything or just parts that include a USB charger kit, battery or atomiser?

If you would like to buy an electronic cigarette starter pack that will never let you down, you will need to find it at an online store that has a reputation for delivering products from distinguished makers.

Welcome to VapeMart NZ

In New Zealand, you can finally get to use the best, premium quality electronic cigarettes and your favourite flavour of e-juices without spending a lot. At VapeMart NZ, we are making it easier and accessible to buy bestseller e-cigarette starter kits and allow you to enjoy every puff. In fact, we do countrywide deliveries!

Need to buy one of the best-seller brands of vaping devices and accessories?

At VapeMart NZ, we only prefer to deal with carefully selected items sourced from the world’s famous makers. Whether it is Aramax e-cigarette kit, Kanger atomiser, Joytech Pen E-cig, Endura USB Charger, or Royale’s exceptional starter kit, all of them are available online for the vaping Kiwis.

Vape kits are of different sizes, shapes and prices. But to revolutionise your online shopping experience and make it less daunting, we bring you the best quality vaping starter kits in different categories.

Check out the best vape pens available cheaply for our New Zealand customers. We’ve got the best-ranked box mods and tasty, flavourful e-juice varieties, including Nicotine, cherry, and banana flavoured among other flavours, all for you.

Place your order online at New Zealand’s best online store for vaping products and relax as we deliver your shipment!

Make your choice based on the tank size, battery power and ease of use. From sleek Cigarlike e-cig varieties to trendy Ego Style kits that allow you to vape your own “home-made” e-juice of varied nicotine strengths and mix, we’ve got them all. We also have multiple premium quality batteries, USB charger kits, atomisers, and our very own types of e-juice varieties of different and tasty flavours.