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Vapemart NZ is an online vape shop of choice for many Kiwi vapers, and we are glad you are one of them. Whether you are a beginner, hoping to puff for the first time or an advanced cloud chaser in need of a high-powered Mod, we are here for you. We're committed to meet the needs of all beginner and seasoned vapers in New Zealand, thanks to a huge array of electronic cigarette kits.

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Our selection of the best e-liquid starter kits, Mods and e-cigarette choices are sourced from the leading manufacturers in the world. We are motivated to bring you the most cutting-edge technology packaged in white, black, blue, red, or stainless steel devices and you can’t go wrong with us. Because we are committed to delivering products of the highest standard in New Zealand, guarantee fantastic customer service and guarantee countrywide deliveries, don’t hesitate to contact us. ·

The Best Electronic Cigarette

We know it can be hard and daunting to choose the best “cig-a-like” device or even an Ego Style e-cig currently on the market. But as the best online vape shop to buy e-liquid starter kits from in New Zealand, we certainly have what you need. All our products are genuine and original and upon placing an order, rest assured that it will arrive carefully packaged and in its pristine condition. ·


Disposable electronic cigarettes guarantee around 400 puffs of your favourite flavour before getting thrown away. At VapeMart NZ, you can choose and order cheaper, top-quality ones for your use too. They are beautiful, simple yet exquisite and durable enough to sustain delicious tasting Hookah flavours. · E-juice and e-liquid starter kits

An excellent e-cig starter kit can only be perfect if it can offer the vapour and flavour you are looking for. And to get that flavour, you need your most preferred e-liquid. At VapeMart NZ, we’ve got a huge selection of them; Methanol, Strawberry, Tobacco, Coffee, Nicotine, etc., all for you. You can choose a refillable e-liquid starter kit and have it delivered right to your doorstep! · New Batteries for your electronic cigarette

Don’t let that faulty battery harm that beautiful experience when vaping your favourite e-juice. If you would like to buy a new battery for your e-cigarette, we are here for you. Check out the different types and make a selection today. For coils and other accessories, tanks and other accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out!