VAPO HAIZ POD KIT 30mg (3% Strength)

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The VAPO HAIZ pod kit is  the latest and greatest in pod vaping technology. It has developed a unique coil design that allows the HAIZ to have great airflow, flavour and vapour production while still keeping the unit a classic mouth-to-lung draw favoured by those new to vaping but also making it a perfect stealth vape for even the most seasoned vapers. The VAPO HAIZ is a truly unique design with a wider yet streamline body allowing for a massive capacity 500mah battery  - chargeable by micro-USB. The pod itself connects to the battery magnetically for a perfect fit every time and contains 2ml of pre-filled VAPO e-liquid.


The HAIZ Vaping Pod Kit comes in four delicious VAPO flavours:


Gold Tobacco

Menthol Ice

HAIZ pods are available in 3% strength salt nicotine. We use high mg salt nicotine to allow for a satisfying vape through the small style of a pod system. This strength has a similar throat hit to standard 12mg e-liquid through a mouth-to-lung device but is much more satisfying.

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