Are you guys owned locally?

Yes we are 100% New Zealand owned!


Okay but really?

Of course, we pride ourselves on keeping this company run by people who understand and cater to the NZ market to get you the best products for you!


Where do you guys ship to? I'd like to get some myself.

Our main delivery services are to New Zealand and Australia, but we also ship elsewhere, just flick us an email at sales@vapemart.co.nz


How about delivery? Surely it can't be that quick?

Our New Zealand orders are typically sent within one working day and arrives the day after it's sent over 95% of the time.
That's because we always make sure we get you overnight shipping to make sure we can curb your vape crave as quick as possible!
Our Australian orders are sent via a tracked service, which has a target window of 3 to 10 business days.
Unfortunately we do not deliver to PO Boxes so make sure you're ordering to an address.


Alright that seems pretty quick, surely that's expensive?

New Zealand orders are very cheap for shipping, the prices are as follows.

Urban Addresses:
Less than $40 - $4.50

Orders up to $60 - $3.50

Orders up to $80 - $1.50

Orders above $80 - FREE

Rural Addresses:
Rural orders up to $115.00 cost $7.99
Rural orders above $115.00 - FREE

Australian orders unfortunately do cost more but we still manage to keep our pricing relatively cheap.

Urban Addresses:
Untracked - Up to $99 - $17.96
Tracked - Up to $99 - $18.96
Between $99.01 - $149.99 - $15.96
Between $150.00 - $199.99 - $12.96
$200.00 and up - FREE

Rural Addresses:
Between $0.00–$198.99 - $24.96
$199.00 and up - $9.95

As you can see, prices are very well priced and we tend to take some of the cost for you ourselves to make sure you're left with more in the pocket!


Well what are your guys bank account details so I can get some of your products now!?

Our Bank Account details are:

BNZ - 02 0290 0328417 25

Make sure to add your order number as a reference when making a payment so we can tell that it's you! 


 Why should I vape when I can just smoke?

Vaping is not only proven to be 95% healthier than smoking cigarettes, but is also more affordable on the wallet, and avoids the awkward interactions one may come across when it comes to the smell of cigarettes. With an almost endless variety of flavours on the market, you'll easily find something suited to you!


 Where do I even start?

Most people tend to start on our disposable machines like our GST XXL and Cuzzy Disposables, or our pod kits and pod mod kits, but it all depends on your nicotine intake what's good for you, light smokers and social smokers are recommended on Sub Ohm kits, as they are typically used with the lower doses of nicotine e-liquids. They also have an enhanced flavour hit over smaller machines, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience for people who are more addicted by the habit of puffing on something instead of a nicotine addiction, there is even nicotine free liquids so eventually you can be completely off the nicotine addiction!


I've heard of "Mouth to Lung, Direct to Lung, and Sub Ohm." What does that all mean?

Mouth to Lung is a vaping experience that's the most similar to smoking a cigarette, after taking a puff on the machine, you drag back in with air like you would a cigarette so it can go into your lungs, these are typically found in low wattage machines like pod kits, disposables, and some pod mod kits.
Direct to Lung does not require the extra drag to fill the vapour into your lungs as it's already going directly there, you typically find this in higher wattage pod mod kits and sub ohm kits.

Basically, Sub Ohm kits are lower resistance machines that bring out a much stronger flavour hit than non Sub Ohm Kits due to the lower resistance of their coils.


What about Freebase Liquid vs Nicotine Salt? Isn't all vape juice the same?

Freebase Liquids are the type of vape liquids that people are most commonly familiar with, they are liquids mainly used in sub ohm kits as they are known as a "volatile liquid" meaning it can easily be vapourised. In higher nicotine dosages it tends to bring in that throat hit many are familiar with. Freebase nicotine is much more widely used and most e-liquids that have freebase nicotine won’t go any higher than 18mg in nicotine strength. This is because they are very harsh at this point and are very irritable and unpleasant to use at any level higher.

Freebase Liquids are recommended by people who are after less nicotine but more flavour, those who are using sub ohm kits, people who are looking to generate as much cloud with their machine as they can, people using direct to lung machines. or a mixture of any and all of the previously mentioned.


Nicotine Salts are quite new to the market, and use a more stable version of nicotine that gives a quicker hit much more like a cigarette, as it is absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker. This is why it is typically used by people who smoke anywhere upwards of a pack of 20s a day smokers.
Nicotine Salts due to the stability of the nicotine, is a lot smoother on the throat than freebase liquids, and this is how you can go right up to 50mg nicotine and over with nicotine salts and still achieve a very pleasant vaping experience!

Nicotine Salts are recommended by people who are using Mouth to Lung devices, people who are heavy smokers, and people who are highly dependent on nicotine. Due to the strength of these liquids they are not recommended for any sub ohm kits or direct to lung machines. Disposable kits do contain these nicotine salts and are the best fix for a nicotine addiction!