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Welcome to VapeMart NZ

VapeMart NZ is New Zealand’s premier Online Vape Shop for the best-quality, and good brands of vape products sourced only from reputable suppliers around the world. And, yes, we have a broad range of e-cigarettes, e-juice, non-nicotine e liquids, latest e cigarette Advanced Kits, shisha, and so much more. It is our tradition to keep up with major trends in the vaping world.


We have close ties with big brand manufacturers and suppliers of vapour cigarettes and related products. With a dedicated staff, fast countrywide delivery services, and longstanding experience, it is not surprising VapeMart NZ is Kiwis number #1 online vape shop.


Vapemart- The Best Online Vape Store in NZ to Buy Exclusive Vape Juice & E-Liquid

If you’re new to vaping, then it’s a must to start your first experience with a premium Vapemart online vape store in NZ for a pleasurable vaping experience. We strive to offer exclusive vape products at prices that are competitive with overseas companies so that you can have access to the premium products without the hassles of long-shipping time.

At our NZ vape shops, we stock the largest and maintain the comprehensive selection of vaping supplies all in one reliable store. VapeMart feels proud of selling the most exotic vaping products at amazing prices in one place, with an aim to be the only vape shop in NZ that vape lover ever need.


NZ #1 Vape Shop For Electronic Cigarettes:

Here at VapeMart NZ, we leverage our extensive knowledge of e-cigs and feedbacks from our long list of customers to deliver nothing but the best vapour cigarettes. Over the years, we have learned that both beginner and advanced vapers love authentic and highest-quality vapour cigarettes. That is why our line comprises brands that have a track record of quality. Buy e-cigarette or Vape Gear of your choice from VapeMart NZ today and discover how we are changing New Zealand’s vaping community one vaper at a time!

Our offered vape products keen to provide nothing but the finest vaping experience. We have maintained the collection of standard quality electronic cigarettes NZ to make your transition from smoking to vaping as smooth and luxury as possible. And we don’t just stop here. Our mission is to fulfill the evolving needs of both the beginners as well as advanced vapers and to enhance their every single moment of vaping experience.


Electronic Cigarette or vaping is the safe future of smoking and being one of the authentic online vape stores NZ, our products changing the landscape of smoking like never before. Whether you’re a classic vaper (high PG concentration e-liquid) or an avid cloud chaser looking for a sensational flavored juice for your sub ohm setup (high VG e-liquid), at Vapemart you’re sure to find something to treat your tank.


Stock Only Authentic Vape Gear

We are one of the very few trusted NZ vape Shops, renowned to stock only authentic vape products of impeccable brands in unique flavors, designs, and colors. You can shop from our online store with the utmost confidence, knowing that all our e-cigarettes liquid online NZ are authentic as well as lab-tested. If you are new to vaping, it’s always essential to get habitual with quality e-cig to avoid any harmful risk.

By accommodating quality into our collection, we feel proud to meet the standards of smokers looking to switch from smoking cigarettes. If you’re looking for something sophisticated yet high on flavors, you’ve come to the right place! We carry a selection of the best starter kits and advanced vapes and e-cigarettes for every step up your journey which set your mood.


E-Liquid: When it comes to e-liquids, VapeMart is certainly one of the best online suppliers. We stock a huge variety of e-liquid flavours with the aim of satisfying every customer’s vaping needs. From liqua coffee, liqua chocolate, and liqua strawberry to liqua menthol and everything in-between, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Batteries: VapeMart is here to cater to all your e-cigarette battery needs. We understand that only top-notch batteries make for a pleasant vaping experience. You can count on us on quality and variety.

Coil & Accessories: Need coil replacement and other vapour cigarettes accessories? If yes, then VapeMart got you covered. We carry an extensive range of atomisers, coils, and much more.

Tanks: It doesn’t matter what model of vapour cigarette equipment you got, be rest assured we have the right tank for the job.

Starter Kits: Here at VapeMart, we have a whole range of top-quality starter kits by popular manufacturers.

Why Choose Us?

Now is the time to choose an Online Vape Shop that knows the ins and outs of vapour cigarettes and accessories.

And here are reasons why we are the best in NZ:

We offer a wide range of products tailored to the needs of both advanced and beginner users. Our products are pocket-friendly we deliver promptly to all regions of NZ. we are known for our plausible customer care. Call, E-Mail, Chat or Message us – we are at your disposal 24/7.

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